Review – Learning iOS Forensics

9781783553518covI reviewed Learning iOS Forensics, by Mattia Epifani and Pasquale Stirparo, for Forensic Focus.

Learning iOS Forensics is a practical textbook that aims to help digital forensics examiners of all levels to get to grips with the procedures involved in forensically analysing iOS devices.

The book opens with a preface, which describes how the various sections are set out and delineates the recommended audience. It explains that the book can either be read sequentially or used as a reference work in ongoing investigations. My own experience of reading the book would back this up – I read it from cover to cover and found it to be an excellent resource for iOS forensics, both as someone who has not yet come across an iOS device in an investigation, and as someone who is interested in digital forensics as a discipline.

Although those new to iOS forensics should have no trouble understanding the book, it is aimed at a technical audience and therefore a certain level of knowledge is required. An understanding of file system organisation is useful, for example, as the book moves relatively quickly from an overview of current iOS devices into methods of forensically analysing them.

Read the full review on Forensic Focus

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