Review – ReclaiMe Pro Recovery Software

000Somehow I always end up testing forensics software while I’m in Spain. Last time this involved me attempting to discuss digital forensics concepts with the guy in the tech shop at the end of my friend’s street, using my very rusty Spanish but somehow managing to get by.

This time it was slightly easier, because it didn’t involve external hardware and the tool worked exactly how it was meant to.

I landed in London late last night after a detour through Madrid on my way back from Barcelona, which I went to on my way back from Malaga. At 5am tomorrow I’m hopping on a train to Birmingham – far less glamourous, but still important.

Now I’m catching up on a load of things before I finally get to sleep at the weekend. Hopefully.

Anyway, I reviewed ReclaiMe Pro’s recovery solution whilst travelling through a variety of places: my living room, airport waiting areas, perched on the corner of a table in breaks during a forensics conference, and most memorably whilst in my hotel room in Malaga:

If you’d like to read the full review, you can find it on Forensic Focus.

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