Review: Learning Android Forensics

Learning Android ForensicsLearning Android Forensics was written by Rohit Tamma and Donnie Tindall, and aims to provide a thorough introduction to the forensic analysis of smartphones running the Android operating system, from the initial setup of a forensic workstation through to analysing some of the more important artefacts. With input from highly experienced reviewers in the digital forensics field, the book is an excellent resource for students and practitioners alike.

The idea for the book was born out of a desire to help practitioners to understand what goes on in the background when they press a ‘Find Evidence’ button on a forensics tool. To make this process easier, the authors have focused on free and open source tools throughout the book, which again makes it an accessible read.

Unusually, the book is pitched at both ends of the forensic audience. Those who are just starting out in the field will find the first few chapters interesting, as these provide an in-depth look of Android architecture, from Linux kernels to application frameworks.

Read the full review on Forensic Focus

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