Interviews with digital forensics practitioners

In one of my day jobs, I edit Forensic Focus, which includes writing articles, interviewing key industry figures, and spending far too much of my life at conferences.

Recently I’ve interviewed a few people about their areas of forensic expertise, so I thought I’d share them here in case you missed them. 

I spoke to Kevin Fisher about his role at Paraben and some of the things the company are currently working on. My favourite quote from the interview:

“A man who thinks he knows everything is the man who never learns in life. A man who learns something new every day is the man who will succeed in life.”

Since I didn’t discover that his main hobby is fishing until the end of the interview, I unfortunately didn’t get a chance to ask him about his views on nominative determinism. Still, hopefully the interview will be of interest; you can read it here.

Damir Delija is a lecturer at Zagreb University, where a new digital forensics course has recently been added to the curriculum. I spoke to him about how the course is structured and what students can expect to learn from it, and we discussed the qualities that make a computer forensics student stand out from the crowd. Find the full interview here.

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